10 out of 10

We're on our last of 10 days DevFest.Asia 2015 and what a time it was. I can't but thank my team and the community organisers first! Juggling sometimes two parallel events at the same time while preparing a third one starting the next day with just the four of us required the best and every "Thank you" they get is so well earned. You can feel the difference it makes and the smile it puts on people's faces. Great events, those capturing and brightening up all the people involved, are maybe the ultimate expression of creative energy applied with great force yet gentle care, with ultra-hard deadlines and pure, inspiring experience as the ultimate outcome.

I will not forget Jacin walking on stage during our closing of CSSConf.Asia, still working and on the phone with a supplier for the next day, Zell coding up our holding screens the night before and Moritz supplying the uncle next door separating our trash with free Club-Mate to brighten up his day. We all work on this for free or very little and great feedback is what makes it all worth it!

I'm happy that our little dev community here feels strong. So much that we can attract minds like Chris Lilley, Christian Heilmann, Danese Cooper and many more to visit us or represent our local community. Even more so, seeing them enjoy themselves and assisting the understanding that technology and its implementation is alive as it is merely the result of passionate people trying to help each other. People like our event organisers, Tim, Soares, Chinmay, Pasindu (thanks for the JSPardy idea!), Nathania, Justin, Michal, CJ, Melissa, Sebastiaan and Subhransu as well as our CSSConf and JSConf.Asia hosts Huijing and Sayanee. Then there are our sponsors and partners that went to great length to support us, hosting events, organising treasure hunts, custom designing products and services just for DevFest.Asia while providing a third of the funds to run the show. Thank you!

Tonight Southeast Asia's first community organised developer festival will come to its end with 1500 registrations by more than 650 individuals with 43 different nationalities. Using open web technology we built robots, knitted, created music and visual art, we learned security, performance and UX and met many new amazing people from Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond. I hope my team and I were able to infect you with a new passion to go out and build and make better things. And then to come back next year and show it off :)

Technology impacts all of us and we as developers have never been more powerful. Let's continue to strengthen our understanding and encourage the use of tools and ideas like open source and collaboration, of teaching and helping each other. Let's do this inclusively and with conviction, resilient against negativity, yet open to new ideas and perspectives.

This way it's gonna be a short year until DevFest.Asia 2016!

It's been a load of fun! :)


PS: If you've more feedback, just write us: [email protected].